We pay a lot of attention to our students’ health and development, so we provide an on-site nursing service, which aims to do regular body check-ups for students. Regular body check-ups would help parents to learn more about the physical development of their children. Also would bring parents to seek appropriate therapy in the early stage. The on-site nurse would also give professional advice to both parents and teachers. In addition, the nurse would continue to observe children with health or development concerns and follow the case.

  Our on-site nurse provides individual body check-ups on a regular schedule. The body check-ups would deliver in two stages, the first stage includes height measurement, weighing, oral check-ups, and assessment of speech ability. The second stage of the check-ups includes testing children's eyesight, feet, spiral-cord, appearance, and gesture, muscle tension, and body mobility, and external reproductive organs (for boys only), etc. If problems are discovered, our nurse will contact the parents and refer the cases for appropriate treatments. In the end, the nurse will give body check-ups reports to parents for reference and follow-ups.

  Besides conducting body check-ups, the nurse also conducts seminars about health education, and the topics of the seminars include children's growth and physical conditions, illness precautions, and home safety. The seminars help parents to increase their awareness of children’s health and also their own health. Parents can obtain correct information about health, which assist them to reduce anxiety about children's health issues.