eClass KIS 幼稚園綜合平台

Our schools are in partnership with the Kindergarten Integrated System, the BroadLearning Education (Asia) Limited. This system enhances communication between schools and parents. This platform is commonly using in local secondary schools, primary schools, and tertiary institutes. We believe that the KISeClassLogo  allows parents to know more and better about our school information.

School Calendar

School Calendar shows our school holidays and activities etc. in month or year. We will update the information at a particular time to allow parents to obtain recent information.


We will upload a hard copy of the school notices to the eNotice. Parents can feel free to download school notices to the computers or mobile phones.


Tap the eClass Smart Card to record the entry time and the departure time of students. Parents can also check their children’s attendance and the daily entry and departure time online.


Parents can browse students’ and school activities photos. They can order photos by sending in the orders.